Psychotherapy for Enduring Change

As our lives unfold, difficulties naturally arise. We can feel overwhelmed in the face of difficulties in our relationships, at work, with health or if struggling with loss, loneliness and sadness. It can be hard to cultivate a life filled with meaning and connection in the midst of such challenges.

I am a licensed psychologist with 30 years of experience helping individuals navigate life’s inevitable struggles with curiosity, compassion and hope. I can help you gain clarity and self-confidence, break free of persistent patterns, build stronger relationships and strengthen emotional resilience for enduring change.

Whether you are going through a life transition, living with an illness or experiencing anxiety, grief, fear, shame or self-doubt, working together in therapy can set in motion a process of change that can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Note: Currently I provide sessions by phone or through a video-conference service only. Learn more about my approach to therapy.