My Approach

I create a safe, warm, open, and compassionate environment where we work collaboratively to address the difficulties you are facing. Together we identify your needs and forge a path to best meet them.

We will explore what may be contributing to feelings of dissatisfaction in your life. This may include difficulties from the past and understanding how these difficulties are affecting you in the present. You may feel trapped in repetitive patterns that are causing distress. These patterns can impact your relationships, your ability to be successful at work, and result in depression, despair and harsh self- judgements. As we untangle these difficulties new understandings emerge. In our work, you can expect to build on your strengths and develop inner resources to help you break free from thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from living and loving freely.

For those who find it helpful, I integrate mindfulness practices into my work. These practices can lower levels of anxiety and depression, decrease emotional reactivity, and help you cultivate compassion for whatever life circumstances you are facing.

Learn more about chronic illness, one of my areas of specialty.